November 21, 2017: Chinese women scammed by African Drug Lords

A-Fan (not real name) was befriended by an Nigerian man in Guangzhou. He gave her many gifts and promised to marry her. He then deceived her into carrying drugs from China to Malaysia via Hong Kong where she was arrested in transit at Hong Kong airport.

Some years ago Singapore police made an 8 minute video recreation of a similar story, about a Singaporean woman tricked by an African man to take drugs to Japan. The video is here:

In recent years there have been about 20 Mainland women arrested like A-Fan in Hong Kong. Some of them were acquitted by the courts; others did not have enough evidence to prove their innocence and are now serving long sentences in prison.

Here is a letter by a convicted Mainland woman in prison in Hong Kong, describing how she was tricked by an African man in Guangzou: