October 10, 2017  Same-sex marriage: Australia and Hong Kong

The Australian government is currently holding a postal ballot asking all registered voters if they want "marriage" redefined to include same-sex couples. Only since the ballot began have many people become aware that legalising same-sex marriage results in huge changes in society, especially in the education system - as has already happened in North America and the UK.

In many places now the terms "father", "mother", "son", "daughter" are not politically correct ....and even the youngest children are subjected to sexual education which encourages the gay life style.

The Hong Kong government is currently holding a consultation on issues concerning legal gender recognition. The consultation document is here and submissions can be made online. The consultation closes on October 31.

If we want to protect Hong Kong from the LGBT cultural typhoon which is battering so many parts of the world, we need to speak up before October 31.