September 26, 2017:  The Great Walls of ..... Hong Kong!

The government has set up a land supply task force to review and evaluate land supply options. Well, here's an idea the task force might like to consider: build housing above the East and West railway lines!

The first floor could be a roadway for service vehicles, including a mini-bus service between MTR stations. The second floor  could be for shops and community centres. Then say 20 or 30 floors of homes...Housing Authority homes for hundreds of thousands of people. These homes would be for people who live on the railway line ... no need for car parks!

The top floor could be an open undercover garden/park/recreation area that people could take a rooftop walk from Fo Tan to Sheung Shui and from Mei Foo to Tuen Mun. This rooftop area could be open to the public, could include a variety of market/display stalls...and could be a new tourist attraction for Hong Kong!