April 25, 2017   Two entrapment stories

In January last year, Ming Pao had a video report about three policemen arrested by the ICAC for colluding with a drug dealer to frame a man for possession of drugs. (English report here)

In October last year a story in the SCMP reported how an acquitted man falsely arrested and detained for a year is suing the police for saying they found drugs in his clothing.

The above two cases are just a sample of what, sadly, often happens in HK, usually in collusion with drug dealing "informers".

I can understand why authorities might entrap a suspected criminal. But what is the purpose of entrapping innocent people? According to the words of the police themselves in the MP video report, the reason for such entrapments is to obtain promotion, in return for which they give protection to co-operating drug dealers. Surely it is time for this nonsense to stop!