January 10, 2017   Hello from .... Southern Africa!

This article is being written in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I am visiting the families of prisoners in Hong Kong, trying to help the families and to do publicity about the danger of drug trafficking to HK. My website has updates of my trip.

After Johannesburg, I'm due to go to the tiny nation of Lesotho (surrounded by South Africa), then to Durban, then to Lusaka in Zambia, then to Dubai ... due to return to HK at the end of January.

One piece of English I have learned here, from a taxi driver who kept saying things like "I need to turn left at the second robot" is that in South African English a robot is a traffic light!

Speaking of taxi drivers: very few have a new car. Most have a second hand car. And some of the second hand vehicles are Mercedes! I can't remember ever seeing a Mercedes taxi in HK!