December 13, 2016        Christmas ... and Donald Trump


Since this is my last column for 2016, I wish all dear Ming Pao readers a Merry Christmas. May the celebration of Christmas have a calming effect on our troubled world.

No doubt one topic of conversation on the menu of many Christmas meals will be Donald Trump. People all over the world are hoping and praying that he will turn out to be a good leader.

According to the UK commentator George Monbiot, Trump's victory is the culmination of a worldwide political revolution that began in 1975 when the UK's Margaret Thatcher unleashed "unfettered capitalism" on the world.

A Google search of "unfettered capitalism" produces many comments, including that of Pope Francis who says unfettered capitalism is "the dung of the Devil". Monbiot's most important analysis is here:








p.s. Happy Winter Festival (Dec 21)