November 1, 2016   Legco needs ..... seatbelts!


As my previous columns show, I have great sympathy for people who are standing up for Hong Kong's basic freedoms. To me the present "independence" movement is a reaction to Beijing bullying.

But no matter what side of the political fence one is on, surely everyone should agree that legislators need to observe basic good behaviour when Legco is in session.

The idea of people being allowed to leave their seats and run around the chamber like children in a kindergarten playground, and allowed to take "props" (e.g. cartoon figures, masks, flags etc) into the chamber is something totally banned in countries like Australia.

Without basic laws that are strictly enforced, Legco will continue to descend into chaos. If Legco cannot have such laws, then maybe it's time to install seatbelts. (Please, someone draw a cartoon of Long Hair in a seat belt in Legco!)