September 20, 2016    

Story about me .... in Oriental Daily!

On August 26 I accompanied an African inmate being sentenced at the High Court for drug trafficking. By chance an Oriental Daily reporter, who is a good friend of mine, attended the hearing.
On August 27 Oriental Daily published a report not only on the hearing, but also on my campaign to stop Africans and others from bringing drugs to HK, such activity destroying lives in HK and families in Africa.

The kind reporter then asked for an interview, to prepare a larger report. He and a photographer came to my home in Jordan on August 30.

On Sunday September 11, the whole front page of Oriental Daily was about my anti-drug campaign and other activities for the poor in HK. I am most grateful for this publicity and hope it will do much to stop drugs coming to HK.  Aug 26 & Sep 11 reports are here: