September 6, 2016   The story of A-Mei .... and greedy HK


About 15 years ago A-Mei (not her real name) came to Hong Kong after marrying a HK man. They have three children, all now in secondary school in HK. Their income is low and their bills are high.

To support her family, A-Mei for the past 8 years has run a tiny sewing shop in Yau Ma Tei. She works hard from early morning till late at night, rarely taking a holiday. Her eyesight is starting to fail because of her intensive work.

On the street near A-Mei's shop are many women making fast money by prostitution.  Their life style is in stark contrast to A-Mei's selfless dedication.

Recently I saw A-Mei in tears. Her landlord has again increased her rent. From $8,000 in 2009 it is now $15,000 per month, for a tiny space. $15,000 might be ok for a jewelry shop, but not for a low-income sewing shop. A-Mei is one of so many "little" people being destroyed by greedy landlords.