June 28, 2016   Be careful at Dubai Airport!


There have been many media reports this year about people being arrested at Hong Kong airport for carrying cocaine which they collected at Dubai airport. Such people face long prison sentences in Hong Kong.

But sources say that most of the 20 or so people currently facing trial in HK for drug trafficking from Dubai were tricked. Nearly all of them had the drugs in their carry-on luggage, not trying to hide anything, because they didn't know what they were carrying.

There is a Nigerian Drug Gang operating at Dubai airport, in the Emirates departure lounge for Hong Kong. The gang chats up people with words like "I bought too many chocolates at Duty Free ...can you please help me carry some?"

The Gang also recruits people from various places - especially Africa and Malaysia - to go to Dubai, collect "items" from the departure lounge, and take them to HK, Macau, Thailand and other regions. Security at Dubai airport is obviously a joke.