2016-05-31  Girls & boys using the same school showers?


Eleven US states are suing President Obama's administration for demanding that 96,000 public schools allow transgender students to access the bathroom of their choice.

US parents and state legislators are alarmed at the prospect of their daughters having to share toilets and showers with boys who claim they are girls.

In Australia, where less than 2% of adults identify themselves as homosexual, the main opposition party says it will legalise "same-sex marriage" within 100 days if  elected to government at the July 2 general election. Many people fear that such legislation is a package deal that brings with it the entire radical rainbow agenda.

No one opposes the rights of gay and transgender people. But is it right for the "rainbow agenda" to be forced on society ... to the point where it is illegal for schools to have shower rooms for girls only? (Google: "gay agenda")