May 17, 2016    Every country should have a HK ID card!


On March 22, 2016, terrorists carried out a number of bomb attacks in Brussels. Belgian security had failed to stop two of the bombers when they entered the country. If the bombers had been required to carry HK-type ID cards, and their thumb prints had been checked, they would have been stopped.

Anyone who has a HK ID card knows what a great invention it is: convenient and secure. And since every human on this planet has a different thumb print, no one can use someone else's card when a thumb check is taken.

In some countries (USA, UK, Australia...) there is great resistance to the use of ID cards. All sorts of rubbish reasons are given about "infringing rights" if everyone has  an ID card.

But more and more countries are now adopting a HK-type ID card. I hope someday there will be a universal ID card, like the HK card. It would make our world so much safer.