May 3, 2016   Freedom of the press ...and HK


Freedom of the press is a threat to anyone who does not wish their misdeeds to be made public. Which is why 77 journalists have been murdered in the Philippines since 1992. See for such statistics from all countries.

In 2009 one of Sri Lanka's best-known journalists was murdered in a hail of gunfire. Published just after his death was a remarkable article he had written predicting his death because of his exposure of government atrocities. (Google: "Lasantha voice from grave letter")

The Panama Papers have revealed the misdeeds of many public figures around the world. It is said that a new set of revelations from the Panama data is due to be released on May 9.

How will Hong Kong media report this new data? May HK journalists have the wisdom and courage ...and freedom!... to do their job "without fear or favour".