2016-04-05  Beware of airport scams

The word "scam" was first used in the 1960's. No one is sure who invented it, but everyone knows what it means: a dishonest scheme. Even the sound "scam" has a bad feel about it, indicating something suspicious. Here are three airport scam stories:

1. Two local Hong Kong men worked for an unregistered delivery company. One day they were asked to do something special: take some parcels to Japan. At HK airport on departure, they were arrested for carrying drugs.

2. An overseas lady who sometimes visited HK was asked to get a parcel from the property office at HK airport. As soon as she collected the parcel she was arrested for drug trafficking.

3. While waiting for flights to HK, a number of passengers at Dubai airport have been tricked into helping someone carry something to HK. These passengers are now in detention in HK on drug trafficking charges. In all three stories, the people concerned had no idea they were carrying drugs. They were scammed.