2015-12-15   IS and 2016

In a book published in 2005, Muslim extremists outlined their twenty-year plan. Phase Five of the plan, 2013-2016, called for the setting up of a caliphate. Western leaders and Western media scoffed at such an idea.

But on June 28, 2014 a caliphate was formally established in Iraq-Syria. Since then IS has been like a super typhoon causing widespread destruction and suffering. IS in Islam is like the Cultural Revolution in China.

Phase six of the plan, 2016-2019, calls for total confrontation, for non-stop conflict with the non-Muslim world. This is why IS has issued a call for recruits in China. This is why it has asked its members to go back to their own nations and cause havoc.

How to stop a super-typhoon? How to stop a Cultural Revolution? May the celebration of Christmas have a calming effect on our troubled world. To learn more about the twenty-year plan of IS, see "It IS about Islam" by Glenn Beck.