2015-10-20    Many HK workers are slaves!

Not long ago on an MTR trip from Jordan to Admiralty, I met a friend who is an accountant. He was on his way to work. I asked him what time he started work. He said 9am. Then I asked what time he finished work. He said 5pm.

But then he explained that he usually finished work not at 5pm, but at 9pm. He said that some of his colleagues didn't finish work till 2am! Five nights a week! If they didn't do this extra time, they would lose their jobs.

This is slavery. This is unjust. This is not fitting for a modern city like HK. Yet it is quite common: HK people have to work longer hours than their contracts stipulate. It's taken for granted.

Working hours have been in the news lately. "Laws on working hours in HK long overdue" said one recent headline. Is HK governed by Big Business or a government?