2015-08-25  Explosives: Tianjin and Hong Kong 


The world has been saddened and shocked by the Tianjin disaster: saddened that so many people died; shocked by the corruption and lack of concern for safety that led to the accident.

The tragedy has caused authorities in the mainland, and no doubt other places also, to check on the location of all stockpiles of explosives. Are they in a safe place? Are they stored according to regulations? 

What about HK? HK's pre-WWII munitions depot on Shouson Hill, HK Island, was constructed deep underground in an S-shape, with many safety features to minimize the effects of an explosion at the depot. (Google: HK munitions depot)

HK's present explosives depot is a huge tunnel under a mountain between Mui Wo and Discovery Bay on Lantau Island, constructed in the shape of a horse shoe, with the entrances at the sea front. I had the privilege of walking through it before it was opened about the year 2000. It has to be one of the safest such depots in the world! Well done, HK government! (See also: http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/publications/information_notes/doc/IN_2010_02E(Use%20of%20Explosives).pdf

Photo of Lantau depot (click to enlarge):

Lantau-munitions.jpg (218408 bytes)