2015-07-28   Pope's climate change letter ... and HK


Living in HK during these warm months is like living in a sauna. HK's hottest June on record was a stark reminder of global warming.  Nearly all HK people accept the fact that climate change is real and is damaging our world.

"Brother Sun, Sister Moon" is a famous movie about Francis of Assisi who spoke of "Mother Earth".  Pope Francis has used his namesake's poetic words to say that our mother, the earth, is sick as a result of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use of her gifts.

Many commentators have said that the Pope's recent letter, "Laudato Si", is the most important document ever produced on climate change, because the letter treats not only the symptoms but also the causes of climate change.

Now that we are experiencing a clean water crisis, HK people will especially understand the urgency of articles 27-31 in the letter, which speak about the issue of water on a global scale. The whole text of Laudato Si is here: