2015-06-16   Air conditioned clothing?


Usually I carry my small wallet (with ID and other cards + a little bit of money) and a notebook in my shirt pockets. But this year's heat has been so intense that I need to put both items in plastic bags to protect them from body moisture.

Body moisture means I also need to change my shirt several times each day, otherwise I run the risk of sickness. I feel sorry for people who wear wet clothing most of the day because they have no opportunity to change.

As global warming intensifies and sticky weather is a daily routine, Hong Kong people face an increasing risk of sickness as they commute between air-conditioned areas and areas without air-conditioning.

If you check  "Air conditioned clothing" in Wikipedia, you'll see that air-conditioned clothing may be a way by which we can keep ourselves and the planet cool and healthy. What a market there would be in HK for air conditioned clothing!