2015-06-02    The story of Nathan

I don't know what his real name is. I call him Nathan because he's been squatting on a busy Nathan Road footpath outside Yue Hwa for several years. Like many street sleepers, he has a psychological problem and doesn't talk to anyone.

His collection of bags and donations of food from well-meaning passers-by are usually right beside him, blocking more than half the footpath. Sometimes people like myself shift his bags towards the roadside, because at busy times the bags make it very difficult for pedestrians to use the footpath.

Sometimes he uses a bottle, but other times he urinates on the footpath. He is a health hazard as well as a safety hazard. The police and social workers have occasionally moved him, but he is soon back to the same place.

Other parts of Hong Kong have other Nathans, like the old lady who often camps on the Central walkway bridge. We should be kind to them, but not at the expense of society's safety and health.  Anyone got any ideas of what can be done for them?

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