2015-03-31  Easter and Ching Ming ... just a holiday?


Hong Kong has a five-day-holiday break for Easter and Ching Ming, from this Friday until next Tuesday.  No doubt many people will use this very long "weekend" to travel to the Mainland or overseas.

But whether we stay in HK or travel, it's good to think about the message of Easter and Ching Ming contained in our culture and in our hearts: that when we die it's not "game over" - there's another life after this one.

This belief in another life has been re-enforced in recent decades by the many books and documentaries made about people who have had "life-after-death" experiences, or "near death experiences" as they are usually called.

Did you hear the story about God and Satan having a game of cards? God played the Jack (Adam) which Satan trumped with the Queen (Eve). Then God played the King (Jesus) which Satan trumped with the Ace (death). Then God played the Joker (Eternal Life) .... and we can "live happily for ever after"!