2015-03-03 MTR street-level lifts, arriving soon?


Thank you, MTR, for the lovely new street-level lift at Lai Chi Kok station! A pleasant Lunar New Year surprise for those of us who often carry heavy bags to and from Lai Chi Kok.

And it's such a big lift! It can hold many people with much luggage, not like the sardine can that was installed at Jordan MTR a couple of years ago.

I hope Yau Ma Tei station also will soon have a street-level lift. I feel sorry for handicapped people and tourists with heavy luggage who have to battle the stairs at YMT and other lift-less stations.

At this link a fellow Australian has posted a most interesting history of disabled access on the MTR. The article shows how the MTR at first opposed disabled access, but then, in Australian language, "lifted its game".