2015-01-06    A Macau  Christmas Carol

Chin Dowe Cheung (賭場) was one of the three main operators of Macau's 29 casinos. His casinos had destroyed the livelihood of tens of thousands of families and had been a vehicle for  laundering ill-gotten mainland money and avoiding foreign exchange controls. 

Then he read an article on the harmful effects of Macau's casino capitalism
This caused Dowe Cheung to have two disturbing dreams. 
In the first dream he saw the Ghost of Macau Past, which recalled how
his casinos had devastated so many families in Macau, Hong Kong and the mainland. 

In the second dream he saw the Ghost of Macau Future, which showed him a Macau  society increasingly troubled by its compromise with the poison of gambling, leading to social instability, eventually causing the collapse of his company, as well as causing continuing conflict and tragedy in his own family.

After the dreams, Dowe Cheung changed his name to Chin Yan Chi (仁慈) and turned his casinos into universities, convention centres, medical centres, performing arts centres, sports centres etc. The other casino operators followed suit. Macau then became famous as a place of learning and culture.  
(Background: A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens)

Chin - money
Dowe - gamble
Cheung - place
Yan Chi - kindness