2014-11-11   Wen Jiabao as CE: Wen's wealth?


This is the last of three columns discussing the possibility of Wen Jiabao being Hong Kong's Chief Executive. Previous articles mentioned how Wen saved HK economically in 2003, and how he is respected by HK people.

One doubt some HK people might have about Wen is the sensitive topic of his family's wealth. But Wen is disgusted with his family's activities according to the New York Times.                                                          ( http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/26/business/global/family-of-wen-jiabao-holds-a-hidden-fortune-in-china.html)

Supporting this "disgust" theory is the fact that Wen has long-practiced a frugal life style, sometimes wearing the same clothes for more than a decade. Rich people usually flaunt their wealth, not hide it.

Since HK continues to suffer from a leadership crisis and is descending into chaos, Wen as CE could again save HK. His appointment would be a win-win for Beijing and HK ...and send the stock market soaring!