2014-11-04    Wen Jiabao as Hong Kong CE?


In last week's column, I suggested that if Wen Jiabao became Chief Executive, he would save Hong Kong from chaos. This idea is worth considering when we remember what happened in 2003.

299 people died in HK when SARS struck in 2003. HK's economy was in crisis. But then a dramatic upturn took place after Wen Jiabo paid a three-day visit to the territory in Mid-2003.

While in HK, Wen witnessed the signing of an historic economic agreement with HK which greatly liberalised trade and services between HK and the Mainland, one immediate effect of which was the relaxation of restrictions on cross-border travel. In 2003, Wen saved HK.

In 2014 HK is again in crisis, this time not an economic crisis but a political crisis. Wen has the respect and trust of both HK people and Beijing. He can again save HK. (More next week on this topic)