2014-10-21    Time for Occupy Movement to move


Over the past few weeks I have met many people whose lives have been adversely affected by the Occupy Movement's blockade of Hong Kong streets. I feel sorry for all those whose travel times have greatly increased - not to mention those whose businesses are suffering from the blockades.

On the other hand I feel that the protesters, especially the students, deserve support. They are bravely putting up a fight to protect Hong Kong's basic freedoms which are under attack.

Therefore I support the call of a recent editorial in Ming Pao for the protesters to shift  to a better location, like Victoria Park or Tamar Park. From such a base there could still be occasional street marches held to keep up the pro-democracy campaign.

I am especially concerned to see the police being regarded as "the enemy" of the movement. If the movement relocates to a non-blockading venue, there will be no confrontation with police, and no disruption to ordinary people's lives.