2014-10-07    Democracy students - keep going!


Last week I spent time with the democracy protest students at Mong Kok, Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. I took many photos which can be accessed at my website, beginning with the menu of September 30.

On October 1 I walked along the stretch of road between Central and Admiralty where thousands of students were located. This was an energizing and inspiring experience for me in more ways than one.

No traffic, no rubbish, no violence, no alcohol, no drugs - just an amazing atmosphere and feeling of goodness-at-work as students welcomed people, with ribbons and free water/biscuits/bananas; as students collected rubbish for recycling. Connaught Road was easily the cleanest public place in Hong Kong on October 1!

A great feeling of community, of peace and harmony and caring. Older people by their presence supporting the students. A glimpse of what our world could be like! An expression of hope. Not one policeman in site. Security not an issue. A powerful lesson in freedom of assembly for mainland visitors. A moving model of a harmonious society!