2014-09-02     Happy Mooooon Festival!


I wish all readers, especially teachers and students, a happy start to the new academic year. I hope you had a restful Summer holiday and were able to "re-charge your batteries" (= rest and relax, and renew your energy).

The Mid-Autumn Festival is "just around the corner" (= coming soon). It will be another chance to have a happy, if brief, break from classroom activity. I hope you have an enjoyable re-union meal with your family.

Mid-Autumn is a good time to check up on our pronunciation of "moon". Most Hong Kong people pronounce "moon" as  "mun",  as in the character . But the correct pronunciation is "mooooon" as is "spoon", or as in the surname "Poon".  Mr Poon is not Mr P(門)n!

And as we look at the beautiful moon next Monday night, may we remember that it shines on all the peoples of the world .... that all the peoples of the world are in fact one big family ...who should try to get along with each other and avoid conflicts. A good name for a baby girl born at this time is "Selena" which means "moon" ...for whom an ideal husband would be "Sunny"!