2014-08-19  Lost in Hong Kong


Some people use "tea" shirt, others "tee" shirt. But since the shirt looks like and was named after the letter "T", most people say "T-shirt".  T-shirts often have messages on both back and front.

Many tourists like to buy the T-shirt which says "Lost in Hong Kong", since Hong Kong is a very large and busy city and it's easy to get lost if you don't have a map or clear instructions.

Tourists sometimes get lost in Hong Kong because of a lack of signs. For example, if you use Exit A of Central MTR and want to go to the Star Ferry, there's no sign to tell you to go up the escalator to the ferry walkway.

Even locals sometimes have the same problem. I once "got lost" when I exited Tuen Mun MTR station to go to Tuen Mun Law Courts. The MTR had a sign saying use a certain exit, but outside the exit there was no other sign, and I had to ask someone which way to go. Signs eventually appeared as I got closer to the court building.
But in between signs I had to "mind the gap"!