2014-07-29     Why Beijing should leave Hong Kong alone


In the first 20 years of China's opening up begun by Deng Xiaoping,
the biggest number of factories and businesses begun in China were started not by US, Japanese or Taiwanese companies, but by Hong Kong companies. Hong Kong totally supported China's modernisation.

Whenever China has had a major catastrophe, like the Sichuan earthquake of 2008, the biggest amount of help given to the Mainland in terms of finance and personnel has come from Hong Kong.  Hong Kong people are totally compassionate towards Mainland people in need of urgent help.

When China's achievements in the areas of sport, science or technology are announced, Hong Kong people experience a deep sense of pride and joy. In the DNA of Hong Kong people there is a deep and genuine love for Chinese culture and history.

All of which explains why Hong Kong people are astonished that Beijing wants to restrict their basic freedoms. If Beijing leaves Hong Kong alone, Hong Kong will continue to be a source of help and pride for China. Any attempt by Beijing to disfigure Hong Kong is a huge and insulting mistake.