2014-06-03  Runaway-train economic system


If you Google "Canada, runaway train" you'll find lots of information about a runaway train which crashed into a small Canadian town in July last year, killing many people after its oil carriages exploded and caused a huge fire.

In Hong Kong and most parts of the world there is another runaway train which is hurting many people as it hurtles out of control through our society. This train is our present economic system, which everywhere is causing havoc in areas like unfettered rental prices, soaring home prices, and an ever-widening wealth gap between the rich and the poor.

This train's drivers are rich people, and they are either unwilling or unable to stop or slow the train. In fact, there's a link between the damage the train does and their ever-growing wealth.

This train is the result of excessive concern for economic growth (often spelt "g-r-e-e-d"), at the expense of the earth's environment and of respect for the rights of workers. This train regards humans as disposable commodities. If this train is not stopped soon, it will crash and cause social chaos.