2014-04-29   Four requests for MTR


1:  Please stop using the term "Hong Kong Guangzhou Express Rail Link" and saying that the trip from Hong Kong to Guangzhou will take 48 minutes.  You should say "Hong Kong Pan Yu Express Rail Link" and let people know that at Pan Yu ("Guangzhou South") they will need to transfer to a local train to go to downtown Guangzhou.

2:  Please check the location of your new stations Tok Wa Wan and Ma Tau Wei. You have the names back the front. Ma Tau Wei should be Tok Wa Wan and Tok Wa Wan should be Ma Tau Wei. Exit A of your Ma Tau Wei Station is Tok Wa Wan market!  Ma Tau Wei Estate is close to your Tok Wa Wan Station.

3: Thank you for installing toilets at new MTR stations. Please now also install toilets at all old stations. This is a basic necessity for locals and tourists.

4: Please install a lift at every MTR station. I feel sorry for tourists with heavy luggage and elderly and ill people who struggle to use the stairs at stations like Yau Ma Tei.