2014-01-28    The Year of the Horse

When I think about the Year of the Horse, I first of all think about the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which in Chinese is not called "Jockey Club" but "Horse Club"!  The horse is a very popular animal in Hong Kong!
As a famous HK headline once put it: "God loves man. Man loves horse"  (神愛人。人愛馬).

I think also of the jokes: "which is the most famous horse in the world?" and "which horse can speak English?" The answer of course is Obama. May this year be a good one for President Obama, especially in his efforts towards peace in the Middle East and Africa.

One of my favourite movies is about a horse: Spirit. I have seen it dozens of times with students and I know most of its songs and words by heart. It's a great movie for improving English. It would be an ideal  gift for students this year.

I wish all dear Ming Pao readers a Happy Lunar New Year of the Horse. May you have the good health, strength and courage of the horse this year. 龍馬精神!