2014-01-07   New York, New Zealand ....and New Hong Hong!

The names of many places in the world begin with "New". Places such as New Brunswick, New Delhi, New England, New Guinea, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Orleans, New South Wales, New York and New Zealand

When I flew from Hong Kong to Brisbane on January 1 for my annual holiday, I saw huge areas of northern Australia where no people, or very few people live. And I thought to myself: maybe some Hong Kong and Australian tycoons might be interested in a project to build a new  city in an unpopulated part of Australia.

The name of the city? New Hong Kong! And its features would resemble a lot of the features of China's Hong Kong with district names like Mong Kok, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon etc.  What a great tourist destination it would be for travellers from Hong Kong, the Mainland, Taiwan and Singapore!

An impossible dream? Not really. Think Ottawa, think Canberra, think deserts transformed in Israel ...not to mention think Shatin, Sheung Shui, Discovery Bay etc!