2013-12-17       End of year wishes


Since this is the last column for 2013, I would like today to wish all dear Ming Pao readers a Happy Winter Festival (Dec 22), a Merry Christmas (Dec 25) and a Happy New Year (Jan 1).

The three festivals have much in common: family meals, lights and gifts .... with themes of life, light, goodness, peace and optimism.  May this time of the year indeed be a time of goodness and peace for our troubled world.

Last week's memorial service for Nelson Mandela was a reminder of how one person of goodness and peace can make this world a better place. Mandela's example of courage, forgiveness and reconciliation is a shining example to people of all nations.

My wish for 2014: that the New Year will see an increase of reconciliation in the world, especially in trouble spots like the Middle East, Africa and the China Sea. And that political leaders will be blessed with the spirit of Nelson Mandela in their concern for the welfare of their citizens, especially the poor.