2013-12-10     Human Rights Day & Nobel Peace Prize presentation


Today in Norway the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize will be presented. It is presented  each year on this Human Rights Day to highlight the link between peace and human rights. This year's award has gone to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Human Rights Day has the aim of promoting the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The full text of the Declaration is online at the United Nations website:  www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/

The Declaration has 30 articles which are well worth reading. Not many countries  can say they put the 30 articles into practice. Some countries which complain about a lack of human rights in other countries, themselves don't follow all 30 articles.

One thing for sure: the more a nation follows the 30 articles, the more stable and socially developed it will be. But the less a nation follows the 30 articles, the less it will know harmony and peace.