2013-10-22            United Nations Day (October 24)


Did you know that October 24 is supposed to be a public holiday? In 1971 the United Nations adopted a resolution declaring that United Nations Day shall be a public holiday in every country of the world. But I can't find even one country where it is in fact a holiday!

This illustrates one problem with the UN: its words are not always put into practice by member countries. Member countries, especially the five permanent members of the Security Council, also often veto each other's proposals.

But despite such problems, the UN is a powerful force for good in the world and continues to promote peace and development on our planet. Millions of people depend on UN humanitarian personnel for life-saving assistance.

The UN is not perfect, but it's the best we've got. In a world confronted by so many serious problems, we should support the UN in whatever way we can.
One way is  to "think globally"  and take an interest in world news, not just local news. Concern for the whole human family is a practical way of supporting the UN.