2013-10-08      October 11: International Day of the Girl Child

This is a new "international observance day" announced by the United Nations. 
It was celebrated for the first time last year. It has the aim of promoting more opportunities for girls and more awareness of the discrimination that girls face in areas like education, health and legal rights.

When I was teaching English in China some years ago I came across many examples of discrimination against girls. The most obvious example was the fact that of China's one million abortions each month, the vast majority are female. People don't want baby girls.

In China I also met many families under stress because they had a daughter. Not infrequently the husband's parents refuse to have anything to do with a female grandchild.

In some parts of the world girls are not allowed to go to school, and are punished, even killed, if they attend school. Young girls are also punished or killed if they refuse a marriage offer. This is hard to believe, but if you put "Afghanistan 14 year old" into Google you will see some terrible stories ....and see the need for an annual International Day of the Girl Child.



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