2013-08-13      Special pedestrians in Hong Kong


Some years ago a famous Australian Rugby player on a visit to Hong Kong said that Hong Kong pedestrians would make good Rugby players, because "they come straight at you and don't give an inch".

In recent times with the influx of visitors from the Mainland, being a pedestrian in Hong Kong has become more demanding. I must admit there have been times when I have not been a "defensive" pedestrian, and I have failed to give way to people on a collision course.

But not long ago I made a big mistake. When approaching the escalator next to Exit A of Central MTR to go to the upper walkway, I did not give way to a man who was on a collision course with me. When we bumped I felt so stupid and sorry: he was a slightly handicapped parcel delivery man, and he became upset that I had not given way to him.

More and more parcel delivery companies are now using mentally impaired people to deliver parcels. I see such people often on the MTR. They may seem bad-mannered when they push into an MTR lift or train carriage. But it's good they have a chance for employment, and we should make allowance for them ....and always walk "defensively"!