2013-07-30      Cloud English


It's the rainy season....and many clouds are in the sky these days. I often wonder how the clouds can support the heavy rain in the sky before dropping it to the earth. What keeps the rain from falling?!

Recently I came across a website www.cloudappreciationsociety.org - which has some 30,000 members who love watching clouds. These people like to use their imagination to "see" images in the clouds...images like animals, people, vehicles etc

There are lots of "cloud" phrases in English ...such as:

* She was
on cloud 9 after winning the Mark 6
* the future of ParknShop is
under a cloud
the future of ParknShop is clouded in mystery
* there's a cloud over Hong Kong's political future
* after bit hit by the falling bottle, he was
out like a cloud

  Not forgetting:
* Kowloon's Choi Wan Estate (
"colourful cloud")
* Guangzhou airport is called "
White Cloud"
* the Cantonese saying: "Visitors come
like clouds"