Mother of Dicky Cheung Wai-kin (張衛健) helped by prayer

On Friday June 7 while swimming in a hotel pool, Mrs Cheung lost consciousness.
She was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and went into an ever deeper coma.
On Saturday June 8 the doctors advised her family "to prepare".

Since Mrs Cheung was a Catholic Christian, Dicky called a priest to pray for her.
Before praying with Mrs Cheung, the priest told Dicky and his family that sometimes sick people recover after prayer, even people who are close to death.

In the Intensive Care ward, the priest and Mrs Cheung's sons and other family members prayed for her for about ten minutes. During the prayer, Dicky read aloud Psalm 23 from the Bible - "The Lord is my shepherd".  A picture of Jesus was placed on the shelf above Mrs Cheung's bed. The priest finished the prayer with the words "Jesus, this dear mother is in your hands".

About one hour after the prayer, Mrs Cheung was able to partly open her left eye. The next day she could open both eyes and was able to move her head slightly. Two days later she was able to speak and was out of danger. Dicky said "It's a miracle. Thank you God!" Ming Pao's video report of the story is at http://ol.mingpao.com/cfm/star5.cfm?File=20130609/saa01/maa1.txt
Many websites have information about praying for healing. One such site is www.doctorjesus.org