2013-05-28      Amnesty International   

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On this day in 1961, the Observer newspaper in London published a famous article by Peter Benenson, a British lawyer.
The article was called "The Forgotten Prisoners" and called for action to help prisoners of conscience. The article was reprinted in newspapers around the world and provoked a flood of responses from people who wanted to take action on the issue of human rights abuses.

In July 1961 Benenson formally established Amnesty International, a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights. Amnesty now has more than three million members and supporters around the world. The organisation was awarded the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize for its campaign against torture.

There are six main areas that Amnesty deals with: women's, children's, minorities' and indigenous rights; the ending of torture; the abolition of the death penalty; the rights of refugees; the rights of prisoners of conscience; the protection of human dignity.

Amnesty International Hong Kong is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AmnestyHK. Amnesty's world website is www.amnesty.org. If you put "China" into the country search at this site, many articles appear, including the 2013 Annual Report on China.