2012-10-16     Preventing tragedy at pedestrian crossings

Since the Lamma Island ferry tragedy, we are now more aware that tragedies can be prevented. If we are careful and keep the rules, accidents can be greatly reduced, at sea and on land.

But there are some places where more and more people don't keep the rules: Hong Kong's pedestrian crossings, like the busy intersection at the corner of Nathan Road and Jordan Road which I often use.

More and more pedestrians now ignore the red lights at that intersection.
This has a copy-cat result: when children and tourists see adult locals not waiting for the green light, they too walk and often are nearly hit by traffic.

Rather than a large team of traffic wardens being at that intersection for an hour or two once a month, it would be better to have one warden permanently stationed there, with the authority to issue on-the-spot fines. 
This is a most practical way to prevent tragedy on the roads.