2012-09-25    North Pole ice and Hong Kong lights

Reports say that Arctic ice shrank 18% in the past year.  Scientists are surprised how quickly the ice is disappearing. Some scientists say that in another five years, there may not be any ice at the North Pole during summer. This means that the Northern Hemisphere's weather is going to become more extreme, with more droughts, heat waves and flooding.

 Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems that Hong Kong has just had one of the driest summers on record. I can remember previous years when we needed our umbrellas for days on end. But this rarely happened this year.

The time has come for Hong Kong to get serious about climate change.
We are not serious when we don't care about leaving lights on unnecessarily. I feel sad when I see schools and government buildings where unnecessary lights are left on right through the day.

Private schools and businesses which have to pay their own electricity bills are usually more careful about lighting. But if the government pays electricity bills, no one seems to care about lights. What can be done about this? Anyone have any ideas?