2012-08-06    Sport and keeping fit

Four years ago this week the Olympic Games opened in Beijing,
at 8pm on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year! Four years
later as we watch the Olympics in London we are again reminded of the benefits of sport for individuals, groups and nations.

Some schools now help students keep a "Personal Record" file to encourage students to keep on improving their skills at all sports, especially running, jumping and swimming. Each year, as the students get older, they are challenged to run or swim a better time for 50 or 100 metres etc.

With the increased use of computers and mobile phones, we need regular exercise and sport to keep our minds and bodies healthy. As the old Latin saying puts it: "A sound mind in a healthy body".

The main way Hong Kong people keep fit is by walking. Most people don't have a car, so walking to the local shops or MTR or bus station is our usual practice. Hong Kong people do more walking than people in countries where most people have a car. And.....foreigners often watch in amazement and admiration as the sight of an approaching bus will cause Hong Kong people to sprint to a bus stop!