Smile, you're on camera!


My home is in Jordan, near the intersection of Jordan and Nathan Roads.
One thing that disturbs me is the way so many drivers and pedestrians ignore the traffic lights at that intersection. I have seen many "near misses" as pedestrians cross on a red light. When adult pedestrians ignore the red light, children often follow them, thinking it's safe,
not realising the light is red.

Many drivers - of taxis, buses, vans, trucks, private cars - also "run the lights", thereby endangering pedestrians. An extra problem is the way taxis coming down Nathan Road from the Tsim Sha Tsui direction, cross Jordan Road, then right next to the pedestrian crossing beside the Yue Hwa centre, often illegally stop to let passengers get out. Other traffic is then held up, causing a dangerous situation. Sometimes the passengers are elderly or handicapped people going to the many clinics in Jordan Road next to Yue Hwa. But even so, the taxis should go to a nearby side street to let passengers off.

I hope the authorities can install cameras at this intersection, with a warning notice to let people know that if they don't observe the traffic lights, they will be fined. Maybe such cameras could also be installed at most intersections in Hong Kong. And a publicity campaign could be started with a message for drivers and pedestrians: "Smile, you're on  camera!"