2012-07-09    HK Chief Executive - Wen Jiabo !

If, regrettably, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying needs to resign for health or other reasons, I would like to see Wen Jiabo take his place.

First things first: think of the stock market reaction. The Hang Seng Index would go into orbit. Economic confidence in Hong Kong would skyrocket.

Wen is soon to finish his time as Premier of China.  He is universally regarded with affection, both inside and outside China.
In the world of integrity, care for the ordinary people, and "the common touch", he is a giant. Who better to restore credibility and confidence to the Hong Kong political scene?  Who better to
help Hong Kong's politicians fight social problems instead of fighting each other?

OK, Wen may not know Cantonese, and local Hong Kong people might like to swap "Cantonese" and "Mandarin" in the saying "I fear neither heaven nor earth. I only fear Cantonese speakers trying to speak Mandarin" (天不怕,地不怕,只怕广东人说普通话)

But more than one previous British governor of Hong Kong could not speak Cantonese, yet did a good job. Language is not as important as integrity and closeness to the people.

Wen has said that after he retires, he plans to go as a private citizen for a tour of Taiwan. Excellent. After your Taiwan holiday, Mr Wen, please come across the water to Hong Kong for a year or two!