2012-06-13 Ma Tau Wai Road

Often on a Saturday afternoon I catch a bus from Jordan to attend a meeting in Kowloon City . Not infrequently as I go along Ma Tau Wai Road , I notice traffic going the other way, towards the Kowloon Tunnel, caught up in a nasty traffic jam.

I feel sorry for the motorists and passengers going nowhere. I especially feel sorry for motorists heading for the jam and not knowing they are in for a long wait. Would it be possible for computerised signs to be put up, as is done is other parts of HK, to let motorists know there is a traffic jam ahead? Such signs would need to be a good distance before the Hung Hom area, and one sign would need to be well before the To Kwa Wan flyover. Maybe there are other parts of HK that also need such signs.

Another thought about Ma Tau Wai Road :  it will soon have it's own MTR station, named Ma Tau Wai Station". The only trouble is that Ma Tau Wai Station is not in the Ma Tai Wai area. It's in the To Kwa Wan area. Exit A of the new station will be right next to the To Kwa Wan market. The station should be named To Kwa Wan!

Further along the road, where Ma Tau Wai Road becomes Ma Tau Chung Road , there will also be a new MTR station. It's due to be called To Kwa Wan Station. But it's not in To Kwa Wan. It's right next to the Ma Tau Wai area, opposite the old airport site. The second station should be called "Ma Tau Wai", and the first one should be called "To Kwa Wan"!  Otherwise there will be great confusion in the future….as there would, say, if Jordan and Tsim Sha Tsui stations swapped names. C’mon MTR….please change the names!