2012-05-23  Jordan MTR Station lift

Last week I said how the new lift at Jordan MTR Station has taken nearly two years to install.
The lift started working at
midday last Wednesday, May 16.  I tried to use it last Wednesday night, but it had broken down and needed to see a doctor.  The next day it was ok, and I used it that night for the first time.
Joining me and my trolley in the lift was a local Chinese man with a pram and one other adult. As soon as the man with the pram entered the lift he unhappily said in Chinese "This is a joke. It's too small!"

Many tourists with luggage stay in Jordan; they need to use the lift. Many people going to nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital need to use the lift.  But there's room in the lift for only one or two people with luggage/pram/wheel chair etc. So now you have to queue up to use the lift. Maybe the MTR can do more to discourage luggage-less passengers from using the lift, since they often prevent people with luggage from entering the lift. And please MTR, if you build a lift at Yau Ma Tei Station, please make it larger than the one at Jordan !

 A sign inside the lift says "Capacity - 12 persons", but I doubt if even 9 slim luggage-less people can fit inside the lift. Which reminds me of a smile to finish on an uplifting note: An overweight man asked a doctor for help to become slim.
the doctor said "Eat what you like for two days, then skip a day, then eat again for two days, then skip a day. Do this for two weeks". After two weeks the man came back. He was really slim. The doctor asked "How did you become so slim so quickly?" The man replied "It was all the skipping"!