2012-05-16   Jordan MTR English

A: My home is near Jordan MTR Station. I find it very interesting to study  MTR English!

B: For many years, people in the Jordan area have been lobbying 
for a lift from Jordan Road to Jordan MTR Station. The lift is almost ready for use. 

People in Yau Ma Tei have also been hoping for a lift at YMT Station.
 I wonder if the MTR will put one there? And I wonder how many years it will take to be constructed?

C: "O where, O where  have the workers gone,  O where, O where have they gone to?"

D: The yellow sign says that the construction of the Jordan lift began July 28, 2010. Correct. 
Then it says the original completion date was April 30, 2012. Incorrect.
 If you remove the April 30 stick-on, I think you'll find that the original  
"original  completion date" was November 2011. 
In any case, April 30 was many days ago...and still no lift service.
On May 7 there was a  announcement at the station "During these days a new lift will start operating". The announcement lasted only one day.  The black sign has been around for a while:
it also has a new completion date: "Mid of May"!

Nearly two years to put in a lift
....by a company that made $90 billion profit last year ...and wants to raise fares  E

On many days over the past two years, there has been no one working at the lift site. For most of last week, not one worker was at the site.
Someone said "It's a government job. They have to get everything checked and papers signed by many different departments".
Maybe there's a piece of paper on someone's desk, waiting for one final signature?  Maybe that person is on holidays?                    F